Great course! It helps develop my default mode network.

The process we learned about gave me a structured approach to the two, allowing me to be more confident and comfortable. It helped put into “real terms” a lot of feelings and ideas I had and make it more concrete for me. Mirella was a fantastic instructor and I would happily take another course in […]

Mirella is a great facilitator; very professional and so knowledgeable! Content is well-structured and balanced between exercises and theory. Very interesting and eye opener on how we can improve as professionals but most importantly; as human beings.

The program forces you to be honest and vulnerable in a work setting which does not happen often. The role playing forces you to try the techniques and engage in the method.

The program is well-structured. It delivers a relevant and profound message. This program will not only enable my ability to identify blind spots, take ownership, provide feedback and form/shape goals, but will also provide tools for every day communication and collaboration.

Excellent program! Great interactions, and guided learnings by Mirella.

The course is really practical, and I feel we can apply it immediately.

The program made me realize that I can control the volume of conversations. I will certainly use the E-A-S-T model in both my personal and professional life. This training should be mandatory for all managers!

R.N., Manager, Senior Legal Counsel, Aerospace

Practical and simple tools that are easy to remember, coupled with useful handouts. It makes the retention of the knowledge that much easier. This program would also be useful/beneficial to non-manager employees. Mirella delivers the material in an efficient and well-structured manner. She always demonstrates deep knowledge of the subject matter; she is an excellent […]

A.H., Program Manager, Aerospace

Great course! Right balance between theory, thinking, practice and feedback. Good practical tools we can now use. Clearly a course that the complete organization would benefit from.