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Time Is A Thief

Time is a Thief

Far too often we find ourselves working with leaders who delay making critical decisions. In some cases, decisions are required to manage talent. In other situations, decisions are necessary to cut losses and turn a corner. And, in other cases, a decision is needed to invest in an opportunity. The cost of not making the decision leaves the organization in dire straits. The obvious question is, “Why are leaders not making tough decisions?” At Papillon MDC Inc., we ask a different question, “How are leaders perceiving the situation?” The answer often emerges when we help leaders who are stuck broaden their perspective in a thought-provoking and creative manner. Learn how we do this through our Executive Coaching Programs. We believe it is worth investing in helping leaders manage the “thinking clutter” that prevents them from seeing clearly.  Good investment in decision-making leads to higher returns for all!  Learn more about our Coaching programs.

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