Love Letter to Humanity

When I arrived into our world you welcomed me with a blanket of white, fluffy snow. The moon was high, and the warm embrace of my mother’s arms was all I needed to feel safe. The ride home in the back of a taxi cab was comforting as I heard my father’s laughter as he […]

My Journey From There to Here: Finding Purpose

I guess my dad always had a knack for knowing how to give without being asked. No matter how little he had on him, he always felt richer by the sheer fact of having more than the person in front of him in that very moment. I remember many instances of my dad stopping to […]

As MEECO 2018 Wraps Up…

This was my first time attending the MEECO Conference and I was inspired and compelled to share my thoughts on my amazing experience in Estes park Colorado. So before I boarded my plane on my way home late last night, I decided to write on a piece of paper my main takeaways that have left a lasting imprint […]