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20 Apr 2022

3 observations that indicate it’s time to work with a mental health professional

Coaching clients are no different than non-coaching clients in that they too suffer with unwanted thoughts and difficult emotions. Working with a coach by no means implies that you will never experience a dip in your mental health.

Nader Daou

For individuals

7 Mar 2022

A Simple Guide to Nurturing Your Mental Health

A large part of preventing burnout or mental health distress is equipping yourself with the tools to nurture a state of calm even in the presence of stressful events.

Nader Daou

For individuals

26 Jan 2022

How to cope with stress at work

Stress – is this our new normal? It sure seems like it. People have always had to deal with stress at home and at work, but in today’s world, where the lines have blurred between home life and work life, stress is affecting us like never before. So this begs

Nader Daou


For individuals

27 Sep 2021

What Damage is Bias Doing to Workplace Racial Relationships?

We would all like to believe that we are not biased.But surprise, we are all biased. Understanding unconscious and implicit Bias is the first step to attaining workplace equality.

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli, MCEC, MBA, BCC, CMC

Woman looking out window near house plants in pots|

For individuals

25 Aug 2021

Coaching On Demand is the New Employee Benefit

Coaching on demand is used in the moment an employee becomes stuck and needs a literal and figurative “reboot”.

Enza Cignarella

Father and daughter family business

Guest Client Blog Series, Leadership

2 Aug 2021

A 360-Degree View of Family Businesses

My siblings and I worked summers in my dad’s concrete, restoration and epoxy business. It was an early introduction to business. I was a distracted teen, not very productive and my siblings and I certainly didn’t offer any engineering expertise. When my dad retired, he sold the business. With an

Aileen Crowne, MSW, CMF, ACC

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