Radical Generosity – Business, Reimagined

Bhaskar Goswami speaks to us about practicing generosity and what it means for the future of business...Click here to view the vlog.About Bhaskar GoswamiSPEAKER | TEACHER | YOGIPRENEURDAANAEastern, Western, ancient, modern, scientific, soulfulFrom early childhood adventures in Assam, India to living through war in Kuwait, starting anew as a refugee…

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Radical Generosity

Who are you gathering with? A mindset of abundance to fuel the future of business and humanity

For centuries, people have gathered in temples with one common purpose.  For the most part, these structures were reserved for religious or spiritual activities such as prayer.  And, although such gatherings continue well into our time, I am particularly interested in the type of gathering that has nothing to do…

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A simple strategy to retain and mobilize talent in your organization

It is a well-known fact that salary increases and bonuses are short-lived sources of satisfaction. In fact studies show the effect only lasts about 3 months.  Although total compensation is extremely important for your resources, you have to find other creative ways to retain your talent. Furthermore, retaining talent has…

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Take a look in the mirror: when developing others becomes an opportunity for your personal growth

One of the most remarkable moments when developing people is realizing how it can be at once a selfless activity, and at the same time, an opportunity for your own personal growth. I have learned that people development involves three inter-related elements: (1) Coaching (encouraging, championing, and facilitating decision-making); (2)…

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