Does Transformational Leadership Work For Everyone And Every Time?

Does Transformational Leadership Work for Everyone and Every Time?

NATURE VS. NATURE How do people become Transformational Leaders (TLs)? Do they possess innate characteristics that make them more prone to lead in a transformational way rather than transactional? The narrative stories we read focus on what leaders were able to accomplish at the helm of their organizations or institutions…

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So What’s The “thing” About Transformational Leadership?

So what’s the “thing” about Transformational Leadership?

THE MAKING OF A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER We know that leaders in the upper echelons of a corporation or an institution influence the strategic direction as well as the effectiveness of operations. They do so directly through their personal characteristics (e.g., personality traits, preferences, and values) as well as by their…

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Capturing Your Corporate Knowledge: Why Should This Be Your Priority?

Capturing Your Corporate Knowledge: Why Should This be Your Priority?

In my last two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Behavioral Medicine at McGill University, I spent a considerable amount of time sharpening my skills in the diffusion of innovation and knowledge transfer. Back then, the importance of knowledge transfer was just taking shape and academics were required in their…

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A Debate On Purpose And Sustainability: Celebrating Umalia’s 5th Anniversary

A Debate On Purpose and Sustainability: Celebrating Umalia’s 5th Anniversary

This past October 5, Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC Inc., had the privilege of attending Umalia’s 5th anniversary dinner. As one of Umalia’s strategic partners, Papillon MDC Inc. also had the opportunity to participate in a debate on purpose and sustainability with distinguished guests from business, academia and…

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The Culmination Of An Inspiring Journey: Papillon MDC’s Work Lands In Senegal

The Culmination of an Inspiring Journey: Papillon MDC’s Work Lands in Senegal

 Just this past June, Papillon MDC Inc. was proud to announce that the mentor-mentee program we developed for women entrepreneurs in Senegal was ready to be delivered. The program is a work of purpose and dedication developed in partnership with Crossroads International to help the Senegalese women in their soap-making…

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