“True power is shared. Shared power requires compromise.”

A number of clients have shared with us their concerns about managers who have fallen from grace after being appointed to an important, and critical position in the organization. It would appear, for these individuals, that the scope of influence and authority to lead is translated into power over others (i.e., employees and customers, partners), which comes at the expense of working toward the greater good. True power is shared. Shared power requires compromise. When leaders in position of authority make the decision not to compromise, their sense of power corrupts an entire organization. Compromise involves knowing how to negotiate toward win-win-win outcomes. A win for the leader, a win for the organization, and a win for the customers it serves. Learning the art of compromise requires a shift in mindset. Our leadership programs help leaders today build the skills to manage one’s influence and power over decisions by nurturing a win-win-win mindset.