Nader Daou

Nader is an knowledge management consultant, strategist and change management expert, researcher, and career coach. His expertise in knowledge transfer and educational technology provides him with an innovative edge to improving the learning process for leaders. His knowledge and training as a physicist also contributes to an inquisitive mind that allows him to see the structure and dynamics of complex organizational systems in which leaders must thrive. He combines a love of learning with the dedication to help leaders facilitate individual and organizational progress, and the catalyst needed to create sustainable positive work environments. He leverages systems thinking when developing e-learning content and conceptualizes the best option for its diffusion. When leaders partner with Nader, they are able to move past their mindset and embrace the world of possibilities.

Nader’s past experiences include leading change management initiatives involving leaders at different levels of organizations, conducting feasibility studies for online training platforms, launching large scale e-learning training programs, as well as developing systems for assessing e-learning readiness and best approach to assisted teaching and learning. Having over 12 years’ experience in automation, digitization, e-content, e-learning, and change management, Nader offers his consultancy to leaders in various industries. Nader has equally worked in Higher Education settings wherein his responsibilities involved creating ongoing dialogue among faculty leaders and incorporating new trends and emerging technologies in education. This exposure and breadth of experience contributes to a refined way of noticing organizational challenges and providing optimal solutions that facilitate the process of moving from a state of chaos in relation to persistent challenges toward a state of stability.

Mr. Daou earned his Bachelors of Science in Physics from the American University of Beirut, and his Master’s degree in Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. He has worked in academia, the private and public sectors, as well as in different parts of the world including the Middle East before settling in Canada. Nader is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Phoenix in Higher Education Administration. His thesis focuses on the challenges facing quality assurance in e-learning.


  •  Ph.D. Candidate in Higher Education Administration – University of Phoenix
  •  Master’s in Education Technology – University of Southern Queensland
  •  Bachelors in Physics – American University of Beirut


Mr. Daou is based in Montreal, Canada


Vice-president Knowledge Management Programs and Design


Social Media.

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