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Mirella is truly outstanding at what she does, she has a way of instilling confidence while providing an honest and professional guidance at a time when it is needed most !!



It is a pleasure to work with Mirella. She is an excellent coach who helps you reach your full potential. She is extremely effective at working with you; and in helping you identify your areas of focus. She provides you with the necessary tools in helping you become better rounded and as a result more effective.

Dr. Mirella De Civita’s deep knowledge of knowledge translation and qualitative research methods were critical in the publication of our work: The first was an application of diffusion of innovations theory to diabetes translation research, highlighting the key elements to achieve sustainable implementation of evidence- based diabetes management programs (DeCivita and Dasgupta, Journal of Public Health). The second was a qualitative examination of physical activity- related barriers and facilitators experienced by adults with type 2 diabetes who had participated in a supervised exercise program (Casey, DeCivita, and Dasgupta, Diabetic Medicine). Her collaborative spirit and astute knowledge were critical to our research.

Although I have always been a big supporter of coaching programs, I was dubious of the effectiveness of coaching programs that were led by others who did not have deep expertise in the industry, leadership, etc. I was so happy that I took a chance to try Papillon MDC Inc. – besides driving my performance to other levels that were consistent with my style; I used Papillon MDC Inc. with other members of my executive team with results that were perceptible in the first months of the program. Mirella and her team ensured that everyone had the right kind of match – all professionals but the match was important to ensure the program would be as effective as possible. As further value, Mirella and her staff are dedicated to the sustainable growth of every individual – they put in countless extra hours after the coaching program is over to ensure you have continuity in owning your own path to be self-reliant.

Mirella is a rare talent. She combines business insight and corporate experience with a deep understanding of what it takes for leaders and teams to be successful, and then relentlessly supports them in the journey to get there.

Mirella was a collaborator on several projects, including work funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Initiative for Improved Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis. She helped formulate the methods for surveys and focus group discussions, as well as expertly moderating both focus groups and a very important ‘Café Scientifique’ funded by the CIHR. In my grant applications, she has provided important input to ensure sound design in qualitative research methods, and creativity in knowledge transfer. Mirella was a critical player in the success of our implementation of some initiatives to improve service delivery in rheumatology at the McGill University Health Centre. Moreover, she is an excellent writer, both as primary author and co-author of scientific abstracts and publications.

It was my honor to meet Mirella when I underwent an individual psychometric assessment followed by a debrief with our CEO as a part of a standard induction process for incoming senior executives. The process was illuminating and highly productive in improving me as a leader and in fine tuning our executive team’s interaction. For our global company I found the virtual approach leveraging online testing and video teleconferencing to be an ideal answer to scheduling and time zone complexities while maintaining high quality interactions.
It should be noted that Mirella has an uncanny capacity to understand us and dissect from our essence what is and what is not working. Likewise, she is highly skillful and creative in suggesting approaches for improvement. I found it a truly unique approach vs the typical, popular teaming and coaching methods I’ve experience in past positions. It is always a pleasure to meet and work with someone like Mirella who is truly exceptional at what they do. For me it was has been a memorable experience which continues to yield benefits.

I was very fortunate to meet Mirella through an interview process almost 10 years ago and was immediately taken by her sense of goodness, her impeccable professionalism, and her amazing insight. What sets her apart from the pack is her continued interest in your wellbeing and her genuine concern for your ongoing success. She has ended up playing an integral role in my professional career and has become an important guiding force for me. She is truly someone that makes a positive impact on everything that she does.

Mirella, thank you for listening to me when we met. You didn’t judge me; you just listened and was on high alert to help me immediately. You are the one who guided me to the right person who you felt would be able to help me. I have grown and I will continue to grow. You are so passionate with aiding those who choose to grow or may be on the path to a new beginning.

Professionally and personally, Mirella’s commitment and authenticity is a breath of fresh air. The high standard of ethics to which she holds herself accountable create a foundation on which powerful workshops and material can be developed to support learning and excellence for all.

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre was very fortunate to have won a contest for nonprofit organizations and was ‘gifted’ with Katia Nelson and Mirella De Civita’s expertise. Our organization through ‘The Alignment Project’ not only gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, but their guidance and support has strengthened our charity. It is clear that their expertise has helped to further solidify the team and strengthened our organizations goals and objectives. I would highly recommend Papillion MDC.

J’avais le choix dans le cadre de ma transition de carrière de travailler avec qui je voulais. Je connaissais Mirella puisque j’étais déjà une cliente corporative. L’approche unique de Mirella en matière de transition de carrière, sa profondeur comme coach et la qualité de ses interventions m’ont permis d’abord de faire le tri de mes acquis et ce sur quoi j’avais le goût de canaliser mes énergies, de travailler sur le caractère unique de mon offre et de redéfinir mon branding. Papillon MDC Inc. est réellement un moteur de réflexion et de transformation personnelle.