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R.D., PPCC Program, Concordia University

A compassionate approach, a genuine interest in her mentees and an expert in her field are the first words that come to mind in describing Mirella. Choosing Mirella as a mentor made all the difference for me. I first began my search for a mentor by looking for specific credentials, all of which Mirella possesses. Then, as time progressed, Mirella offered much more than I had anticipated. In the many months we worked together, not only did I rely on her extensive knowledge to learn new theory, practices and skills, but she went above and beyond in the way she provided mentorship; she encouraged me to explore, try out new ways, and to marry learning to my individual style.  Her approach increased confidence in my ability especially when the topics were more challenging because she helped me get past doubt and work through solutions instead. This all made the learning experience more pleasurable and successful in the end. In summary, not only did I accomplish my academic goals but I grew as well, and this learning will stay with me forever. Thank you Mirella, your mentorship was very

A.M.A., Business Development Manager, Pratt & Whitney Canada

In two words: My inspiration! I had the privilege to work with Mirella De Civita as my mentor for my Coaching degree at Concordia University. My mentoring experience with Mirella was extremely useful during my coaching practice. She was my guide during all this process and she always provided great insights that pushed me to the next level. She has a very unique way of providing feedback and creating an atmosphere of trust and connection. I greatly benefited from her examples and observations that helped me with my coaching practice. Looking forward to working with her again.  “Always surround yourself with people who challenge you and push you to be your best self”

A.S., PPCC Coach, Concordia University

Working with Mirella has been a rewarding experience.  Her professionalism, dedication, patience and inspiration have transformed my coaching skills. As a mentee I learned a lot from Mirella, and I highly recommend her mentorship

V.C., PPCC & ICF Certified Life Coach & Yoga Mentor

Mirella is an amazing human being and I could not have dreamt of a better mentor coach. While mentoring me as an aspiring coach, she took into account that I was also going through a transition period in my life and that there were sometimes other things coming in between the coaching. Bringing me back to the essence of what it is to be a coach, trusting me and establishing a strong relationship are all elements that allowed me to grow as a coach but also as a person. I would not have been where I am now, would it not have been for her constant constructive feedback, her encouragements and powerful questions at the right times. Thank

G.N., ICF Certified Coach

I met Mirella when coaching was just an abstract concept for me and she is the one that awoke the coaching passion in me. She has been a constant presence in my coaching journey that started almost 5 years ago, so when the time came, there was nobody else I would chose as a mentor. Her professionalism, her business insight, her easiness to connect with people is what makes dealing with her such a success. As a mentor, she has always been there for me when I was doubting myself as a coach as well as when I was celebrating my successes. She is a great observer, an amazing listener, she asks powerful thought-provoking questions and helps her mentees grow tremendously and find their own style all in accordance with the ICF competencies requirements. I highly recommend Mirella and her mentoring

E.B., Aerospace, PPCC & ICF Certified Coach

I worked with Mirella as my mentor coach and she provided me with a structured coaching program. Her feedback was always very detailed and specific, well balanced between the positive and competencies that required more work. She worked through the 11 competencies ensuring I was mastering each one and practicing until they were well integrated. Mirella is very inspirational, she took my success to heart and I felt I deserved her letter of recommendation at the end of the Program, I felt ready. I would strongly recommend Mirella as a mentor coach to anyone who is working towards the journey of professional coaching. She made all the difference in my journey to

L.B., Management Practice, ICF Certified Coach

I have had the pleasure of working with Mirella for a number of years, so when an opportunity arose for me to select a mentor for my ICF ACC credentialing renewal, my first choice was Mirella. Her approach to coaching is both focused and intuitive, listening beyond the words and asking thought provoking questions. Her mentoring style is in the same vane: deep listening, an emphasis on the ICF Core Competencies and how they relate to various coaching scenarios, and above all, a dedication to letting the mentee find his/her coaching voice within these competencies. The mentee is encouraged to experiment with and trust, his/her coaching instincts. I highly recommend Mirella both as a coach and as a coaching

K.M., Consulting, ICF Certified Coach

Mirella provided an exceptional mentor coaching experience. With her support and guidance I was able to see the specific areas where I could develop as a coach but also see what initiated the challenges I was experiencing in those areas. Mirella applied the 11 competencies within our coaching sessions, which allowed me to experience the flow from the receiving end and also be an observer to the process as well. I highly recommend Papillon MDC Inc’s mentoring program if you are interested in improving your coaching

J.B., Personal Life Coach, PPCC – Concordia University

I had the great pleasure of working with Dr. De Civita as my mentor coach while I was completing the Professional and Personal Coach Certification program at Concordia University. The ICF’s 11 core competencies were at the heart of our many discussions, which in turn allowed me to not only better understand these competencies but to integrate them in my coaching with clients and in my everyday life. I greatly appreciated Dr. De Civita’s support during and in-between our mentoring sessions as well as her expert knowledge of all things coaching, her genuine kindness, her constructive feedback and her unconditional positive presence. All my expectations were met and exceeded by the quality of this mentoring

Manager, P&WC

Merci, Stefano ! J’ai vraiment apprécié la façon dont la formation “Impactful Conversations” a été conçue et présentée. Le fait d’avoir plusieurs sessions au lieu de 2 sessions d’une journée entière a très bien fonctionné (j’ai pu être plus concentré, j’ai eu l’occasion de réfléchir à ce que nous avons appris, et de voir où/comment cela peut s’appliquer dans notre environnement de travail, puis de discuter de situations RÉELLES). Je suis très satisfait de ce cours (tant du contenu que de l’animateur).

Spécialiste en Aérospatiale, Pratt

Le style artistique de Stefano est aussi bien présent dans sa présentation du contenu (ses dessins wow) que dans sa façon de parler pendant l’atelier. Sa démonstration du feedback dans l’exercice de jeu de rôle était très impressionnante car il a simplement utilisé les outils qu’il nous a montrés. Cet atelier a eu un grand impact sur moi et je suis heureux d’avoir pris le temps d’apprendre, car je suis habituellement trop occupé. Cela me sera utile.

Michel Labbé, Transmission Design, Pratt & Whitney Canada

C’était un plaisir d’assister et de participer à ton cours, Navigational Conversations.  Stefano, j’’aurais bien aimé te voir gesticuler d’un peu plus près en personne par exemple .  La communication, les échanges et les interactions étaient excellents dans le groupe (pendant la version en ligne de ce programme).  Stefano, j’ai bien aimé ton authenticité et ta spontanéité.  Les techniques apprises (le coaching de conversations, l’art de poser des questions ouvertes et les techniques de rétroaction) étaient exposées de façon simple et facile à mettre en pratique.  Ces techniques peuvent être utiles à tous autant dans notre vie personnelle, familiale et au travail (avec des coéquipier ou des employés sous notre direction).  De la rétroaction donnée de la bonne façon peut faire toute la différence entre aider une personne à prendre conscience de son potentiel d’amélioration et l’inciter à progresser vs créer une grande frustration, des pensées négatives, des nuits de sommeil perdues et une certaine colère qui pourrait perdurer. Merci encore Stefano, et à une prochaine fois!

PB, VP Canada – Transervice

Les mini-cours d’apprentissage en direct avec Stefano Di Lollo et l’équipe Papillon MDC sont l’un des meilleurs formats que nous ayons trouvés. Un contenu de qualité, bien emballé et présenté de manière professionnelle. Les défis pandémiques qui limitent l’apprentissage en personne et les agendas chargés font de la formule de vidéoconférence de Papillon MDC un véritable succès. Des sujets importants répartis en petites sessions sur plusieurs jours vous permettent de rester concentré et d’accomplir d’autres tâches dans la même journée.

Le Groupe Adecco

Le webinaire interactif était génial et toute l’équipe a aimé le contenu qui incite à la réflexion.

Stefano présente des informations complexes avec une clarté incroyable et d’une manière si unique !

C.J., Directeur, H-Qc

Au cours des deux dernières années, j’ai eu le privilège d’être accompagné par Stefano Di Lollo dans mon développement à titre de leader d’un grand projet technologique. Au fil de nos conversations, réflexions et discussions, j’ai appris à mieux me connaître et à cibler des actions qui font la différence. Entre autres, nous avons particulièrement travaillé au niveau de la collaboration dans des situations difficiles et du soutien requis aux leaders de mon organisation afin de les aider à performer. Par son approche très humaine, ses illustrations et son vécu, Stefano m’a partagé son savoir et m’a permis de voir comment mettre le tout en application. Merci pour ce temps précieux passé ensemble qui m’a fait grandir comme leader!

Participant, Transervice Inc.

Stefano est tres intéressant a écouter. Impressionnant dans sa façon de converser. Je vais certainement utiliser les éléments enseignés (autant dans ma vie personelle que dans ma vie professionnelle).”

Directeur, Transervice Inc.

J’ai beaucoup aimé l’atelier Nav-C (Navigational Conversations). Dynamique, intéressant, divertissant! MERCI STEFANO!

Gestionnaire, Transervice

J’avais bien hâte à les séances du programme Navigational Coaching, je prendrais des formations de ce genre tous les mois! We’ll be in touch, Stefano. Merci.

Participant, Transervice

Merci Stefano! Les ateliers sont bons a mon sens.  Ils nous permettent d’essayer les techniques & anticiper les réponses a venir avec nos collègues directeurs. On voit que les défis sont semblables. Nous avons tout les styles d’employés.

Senior Executive

The Alignment Project is a wonderful process with wonderful facilitation. Really assisted in setting the course with responsibilities and roles for our team.


The program (The Alignment Project) was well organized and focused on ensuring that the team collaboration and understanding of each other was paramount. Our facilitator was extremely good at challenging our assumptions and holding up a mirror, when necessary.

Excellent course! Should be suggested as part of the welcoming package for new leaders. Mirella is so good on transferring the knowledge that she has, and at answering the questions. Flow of the program was summarized perfectly in 2 days.

One of the best soft skills course I had. Mirella has much knowledge of the subject and is a perfect teacher. She showed enough experience to answer the questions. I enjoyed to 2 day training and I will suggest others to take it. I will definitely use this course in life.

Really well-done course. Mirella was awesome; very soft-spoken and polity. It was a lot of fun to learn from her and shave my thoughts.

It was eye opening! Very engaging and impactful. I definitely recommend to all managers/leaders who are willing to invest on their talent development and employees for future leaders. The material was very well prepared, excellent flow which impact individuals to think and reflect on themselves.

I felt privileged to have had such a qualified and experienced facilitator. Mirella gave us a lot of insights into behavioral science as well as many practical examples. I will definitely take away a lot from this course! Thank you!

Excellent Program! Best one I took at my workplace. Mirella was so generous in sharing her expertise and experience and so knowledgeable. I liked the balance between theory, practice exercises, and explanations from the facilitator.

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